Mar 29, 2012

Provide any user with skill-appropriate views and functionality, all within the ActuateOne single user experience.


ActuateOne® is the culmination of Actuate’s dedication to the Eclipse BIRT Open Source Project.

The resulting mature, fully integrated product suite provides users with the skills-appropriate tools required to create, view, analyze, access and interact with BIRT content in a seamless, intuitive UI built on a single source: BIRT. This integration results in tools that meet any user need, on the Intranet and the Internet, from internal business users to casual users outside the firewall. While these end users might have different ways in which they interact with BIRT content and data, they are really accessing different capabilities of the same output.

ActuateOne provides solutions to problems inherent in any BI deployment for providing data access to everyone in the enterprise, from workgroups with a few workers to global companies that must rapidly deploy content to hundreds of thousands within a secure, controlled environment.

ActuateOne adds new features and options to previous releases, rounding out and further integrating the Actuate BIRT line:

  • Enhanced BIRT engine for integrated, in-memory analysis; this is a core feature, not an add-on
  • Multiple ways to deliver analysis capability to users
  • More interactive capabilities for users
  • True WYSIWYG interface

The Actuate 11 release provides an environment that can be configured to task, user, and device and offers the following options:

  • Ad Hoc Reporting – BIRT Studio: Browser UI for creating, modifying and viewing BIRT content
  • BIRT Viewer: Simple UI for users to view BIRT content.
  • BIRT Interactive Viewer: Presentation UI that allows users to view and modify their content.
  • Dashboards – BIRT 360: Application for creating operational and analytic dashboards using BIRT content, content from other feeds, supplied widgets from ActuateOne, Google widgets and other third-party content.
  • Mobile Options: Mobile application options for viewing BIRT content anywhere, anytime, on nearly any device, including iPhone®, iPad®, and AndroidTM.
  • Analytics – BIRT Data Analyzer: Powerful in-memory analytics that allow users to analyze data from virtually any data source.

Applications built with ActuateOne provide users with one user experience regardless of task, tool or skill level; are supported by one server with a set of services to support any deployment and are built with one design using BIRT. ActuateOne provides organizations with a quick time to market and the ability to grow with success


BIRT Interactive Viewer

Add additional end user interactivity to the basic BIRT Viewer with the user-friendly BIRT Interactive Viewer.

BIRT Interactive Viewer is an AJAX-powered, BIRT-based interactive report viewing tool that enables every user to think beyond the current structure of a report and personalize it based on task and need. Users who are not familiar or comfortable with standard report authoring tools are able to use BIRT Interactive Viewer without costly training, within moments of being introduced to its intuitive interface—an inexpensive alternative to training individuals who might use the tool on a limited or casual basis.

BIRT Interactive Viewer adds value to the BIRT product line by giving users interactive report viewing.

  • Allows virtually anyone to access, personalize and customize a BIRT report without affecting underlying data.
  • Gives users immediate access to information and an immediate return for their efforts, in effect teaching them how to use the basic BIRT tools.
  • Shifts IT focus from report generation activities to higher-level priorities; ease of use shortens cycles between report design and completion.
  • Introduces BIRT open source-based products to the entire enterprise, paving the way for future BIRT development and deployment.

Actuate 11 improvements to BIRT Interactive Viewer include:

  • More efficient background performance
  • Easier personalization
  • Added interactivity on crosstabs

Applications built with ActuateOne® provide users with one user experience regardless of task, tool or skill level; are supported by one server with a set of services to support any deployment and are built with one design using BIRT. ActuateOne provides organizations with a quick time to market and the ability to grow with success.

Features & Benefits

BIRT Interactive Viewer lets users modify and personalize their report views. This allows one report design to serve more users because it does not need to conform to any one format, reducing the overall number of reports that need to be created. This in turn reduces system load, improves performance and increases user satisfaction and adoption of the software.

  • Allows users to prototype their next requirement request, making changes easier and faster
  • Requires fewer report designs for specialty cases, because end users can modify their personal views
  • Reduces the version management burden on IT while continuous usage of the reports remains high
  • Decreases the learning curve, because users are able to work immediately with the BIRT Interactive Viewer intuitive interface
  • BIRT Interactive Viewer provides user self service, consumes fewer resouces, and decreases the application learning curve, all of which lead to an immediate return on investment.
  • Increases ROI

BIRT Interactive Viewer adds additional functionality to the Actuate BIRT Viewer. With BIRT Interactive Viewer, users can also:

  • Add aggregation to a report column
  • Add computed columns
  • Add page breaks in a report
  • Apply conditions and format data strings
  • Hide or show report items
  • Modify charts, Flash charts, graphs and gadgets
  • Modify text attributes and alignment
  • Move, hide, show, and delete report columns
  • Save a modified report design or report
  • Sort, filter, and group report data
  • Undo and redo tasks

New in Actuate 11: Improvements to the performance and interactivity of BIRT Interactive Viewer provide many benefits.

  • More efficient background performance – Fast processing and output.
  • Easier personalization – Easy navigation; make changes to a report without affecting underlying data properties.
  • Added interactivity on crosstabs – End users can personalize look and feel of components by modifying format and alignment properties, and, if desired, launch the BIRT Data Analyzer directly from the Interactive Viewer to further analyze the contents.

Applications built with ActuateOne® provide users with one user experience regardless of task, tool or skill level; are supported by one server with a set of services to support any deployment and are built with one design using BIRT. ActuateOne provides organizations with a quick time to market and the ability to grow with success.


BIRT is at the core of Actuate BIRT interactive web reports and dashboard tools combining web 2.0 functionality with open source technology. BIRT provides the foundation for Actuate’s Progressive Design Architecture.




Mar 29, 2012

Dashboards: BIRT 360


BIRT 360 provides users with the tools they need to create operational and analytical dashboards.

ActuateOne® adds a new product to its lineup with BIRT 360, a dashboard application that puts the power to create dashboards in the hands of users, freeing up IT time and resources. BIRT 360 is a browser-based, zero foot print application based on the popular Google Gadget framework that enables BIRT 360 to not only leverage BIRT-based gadgets, but also 3rd party Google Gadgets to create mashup applications.

BIRT 360 provides users with two types of dashboards:

  • Operational dashboards: Business users can interact with or drill down on individual KPIs to answer specific business questions. The dashboards interface is designed for business users to allow them to create custom dashboard pages without IT intervention and continuously monitor KPIs for faster response to changing data.
  • Analytic dashboards: BIRT 360 Analytic dashboards are visual data exploration applications. Combining a set of filter and slicer gadgets with a set of KPIs built using rich visualizations, users are prompted to explore and drill down into data to gain insights into their business. BIRT 360 makes it easy for business users to uncover trends and perform root cause analysis.

Both types of dashboards enable any user to create visually rich, dynamic dashboards on the fly:

  • Dashboards show a list of connectors, etc., making them easy to use for less-skilled users
  • Visual representations of corporate data
  • Drill-down/up analysis capabilities
  • Crosstab support
  • Pre-built or
  • User constructed using BIRT Flash Objects, Google gadgets, third-party gadgets, and feeds from other data sources
  • Mashup applications are created by combining BIRT-based gadgets with third party Google Gadgets such as Google Maps

BIRT 360 is designed to be used with BIRT iServer. It effortlessly delivers personalized BIRT dashboard content to all authorized users.

Applications built with ActuateOne provide users with one user experience regardless of task, tool or skill level; are supported by one server with a set of services to support any deployment and are built with one design using BIRT. ActuateOne provides organizations with a quick time to market and the ability to grow with success.

Features and Benefits

BIRT 360

Actuate BIRT 360 operational dashboards enable users to consolidate KPIs on a single page for continuous and effective monitoring

  • Lets end users interact with or use drill-down capabilities on individual KPIs to answer questions.
  • Provides true self-service environment for creating custom dashboard pages; KPI linker automatically establishes communications between related KPIs on a single dashboard page using drag-and-drop construction.
  • Allows users to choose any KPI from an existing BIRT Gadget Gallery, existing BIRT documents, new KPIs constructed using BIRT 360 or any third-party or Google gadget.
  • Creates a collaborative environment; users can share dashboards with other users.

These features allow operational dashboard users to:

  • Continuously monitor KPIs
  • Visualize and analyze their business operations, with a 360-degree view of their business
  • Create mashboard applications, assembling applications from Actuate BIRT content, Google Maps, etc. This information can be linked within the dashboard for additional insight into the data

Actuate BIRT 360 analytical dashboards enable users to:

  • Create their own KPIs with automatic linking from data objects
  • Visually explore data in a guided environment conducive to easy adoption
  • Perform comparative and root cause analyses
  • Create dashboards that help them spot trends and anomalies

Benefits: operational and analytic dashboards
Actuate BIRT 360 provides users with gadgets and a Gadget Gallery that meet user expectations for rich information applications inside and outside the firewall:

  • Presentation: Functional, attention-getting gadgets allow users to immediately understand what the data mean
  • Ease of use: True drag-and-drop functionality and easy data association make the interface user friendly and user usable
  • Interactivity: Many gadgets actually allow users to physically manipulate buttons, gauges, etc. to easily create and view what-if scenarios; linked items reflect those changes immediately
  • Functionality: Easy and interactive UI make gadgets not only popular—it provides instant adoption
  • Selection: BIRT Designer ships with more than 250 gadgets; in addition, users can browse out of the application and import virtually any third-party Google gadget





Mar 29, 2012

BIRT Data Objects and BIRT Data Analyzer

Actuate 11 introduces new BIRT analytics tools that dramatically
simplify data analysis, providing business users with tools to help them make better decisions. BIRT Data Analyzer helps business users uncover trends, identify anomalies and model scenarios, including “what if” scenarios, for business forecasting and improved understanding of their data.
This new, in-memory online analytical processing (OLAP) analytics product line is the result of enhancements to the core BIRT engine, which supports the entire spectrum of rich data visualizations, interactivity and analysis. BIRT technology architecture provides multiple ways to embed and contextually deliver information to users to address their analytics needs while promoting efficiency and productivity through reuse.

The new BIRT analytics line includes the following intuitive data analysis tools: BIRT Data Objects, BIRT Data Analyzer and BIRT 360 (dashboards).


BIRT-Based Analytic Tools: BIRT Data Objects

BIRT Data Objects are in-memory datasets constructed from disparate enterprise data sources. These datasets can be used by BIRT Designer or Actuate BIRT business user tools such as BIRT Studio, BIRT 360 or BIRT Data Analyzer for a variety of self-service functions ranging from ad-hoc report creation to ad-hoc data analysis.

  • Agile data access – Data can be tapped and combined from multiple, disparate data sources.
  • Flexible modeling – Data can be modeled as one or more flat datasets or multi-dimensional structures.
  • Granular data security – Support for many levels of security.
  • In-memory data federation – In-memory datasets belonging to one or more BIRT Data Objects can be linked to enable in-memory data federation.
  • Operational data linking – In-memory datasets in a BIRT Data Object can be further linked to additional Actuate and non-Actuate content.

BIRT Data Objects are available to products across the entire Actuate BIRT platform, including access for on-demand or parameterized reports, ad-hoc queries, dashboards, interactive viewing and the new BIRT-based analytic tools.

BIRT-Based Analytic Tools: BIRT Data Analyzer

BIRT Data Analyzer is a zero footprint, browser-based OLAP tool created for business users. The product’s highly intuitive analysis interface, combined with the scalable reach of BIRT technology, make it possible for organizations to deploy analysis capability to users at all levels in the organization.

This tool allows users with varying skill levels to:

  • Describe data in multiple dimensions
  • Categorize information
  • Quickly, easily and interactively analyze data in BIRT Data Objects
  • Create comparative analysis reports with multiple dimensions
  • Identify trends in data by reviewing information as a chart or other visualization
  • Spot anomalies in data visually, by looking for measures that dip, etc.
  • Perform root cause analysis using the ability to link analytic data to operational data

BIRT Data Analyzer adds true analytics features to BIRT, giving business users multiple ways to view their business information:

  • Makes analytics accessible
    • UI designed specifically for business users
    • Zero training required
    • Interface makes it easy to model new analysis-ready datasets
  • Allows multiple usage scenarios
    • Analyze datasets available in the encyclopedia
    • Analyze datasets embedded in BIRT documents
  • Produces results that can be shared
    • Operationalize analysis results by sharing BIRT Data Objects with other users
    • Link analyses to operational data
  • Optimizes performance
    • Support for both 32-bit and 64-bit modes
    • Reuse datasets across many users and applications
  • Provides users with agile data access
    • Build datasets from multiple enterprise data sources
    • Drill through to new operational datasets
    • Drill through to new in-memory datasets across machines
    • Drill through to new in-memory datasets across cloud implementations

BIRT-Based Analytic Tools: BIRT 360 Dashboards

Another way for users to access the data analysis capabilities of the BIRT platform is with the new BIRT 360 product. BIRT 360 is a tool used to create dashboards that are visual data exploration applications. After combining a set of filter and slicer gadgets with a set of KPIs built using rich visualizations, users are invited to visually explore and drill-down on the data to gain analytic insights. For more information about BIRT 360 dashboards, visit the BIRT 360 web page.

Applications built with ActuateOne® provide users with one user experience regardless of task, tool or skill level; are supported by one server with a set of services to support any deployment and are built with one design using BIRT. ActuateOne provides organizations with a quick time to market and the ability to grow with success.

Features and Benefits: BIRT Data Objects

BIRT Data Objects key features

  • Agile data access, regardless of data source
  • Intuitive UI makes analytics accessible to broader range of users
  • Additional linking capabilities provide more opportunities to compare/analyze data from disparate sources and across different environments
  • Cloud ready and cloud friendly

BIRT Data Objects key benefits

  • Flexible – BIRT Data Objects can be constructed with or without the presence of a data warehouse and with or without the use of the metadata layer.
  • Accessible – users can drill down to details or drill through to other objects stored on the same or a different machine, or go directly to physical data stores and access additional data as needed.
  • Versatile – the ability to join in-memory data across machines is a significant advantage, especially in cloud computing environments.
  • Economical – BIRT Data Objects minimize the amount of data creation, movement and storage required by systems that cannot otherwise provide the capacity and functionality required to handle these activities.

Features and Benefits: BIRT Data Analyzer

BIRT Data Analyzer key features:

BIRT Data Analyzer provides organizations with high-level analytics capabilities in a UI created for business users. Designed for ease of use, BIRT Data Analyzer makes business information available to new analytics users, increasing the value of the product while decreasing the costs associated with most analytics implementations. BIRT Data Analyzer features include:

  • Zero footprint, browser-based UI in all standard browsers; now compatible with Safari®
  • Pivot table-style intuitive interface

The BIRT Data Analyzer was designed to make analytics accessible to anyone:

  • Drag and drop measures and dimensions
  • Create calculated measures
  • Display filters
  • Export to Excel® as Pivot tables
  • Save and share analysis results
  • Drill up and drill down to dimension levels
  • Link to other Actuate and non-Actuate content
  • Automate aggregation
  • Change the look and feel with support for themes

BIRT Data Analyzer key benefits:

BIRT Data Analyzer provides users with tools they can use to access analytic features often available only in products that are difficult to learn and use. The BIRT Data Analyzer:

  • Makes data accessible to users with varying skill levels
  • Facilitates ad-hoc analytics
  • Aids contextual analytics

BIRT 360 key features and benefits:

Click here to read more about BIRT 360 and BIRT 360 features and benefits.





Mar 29, 2012

Ad-Hoc Reporting: BIRT Studio

   Provide every user in the enterprise with BI tools for ad-hoc reporting as well as creating, modifying and viewing BIRT content.

   Ad-hoc reporting and content creation is a requirement that many organizations find out of reach within their current reporting environment.
    Most reports must go through the lengthy process of request-build-test-deploy-modify-test-deploy—and often have to repeat the entire process one or more times before an end user finally receives the template necessary to build the report they need.

ActuateOne®, the latest release of Actuate’s BIRT platform and tools, provides this environment with its Progressive Design Architecture, which allows users to not only populate their own reports but to create, modify and deploy those reports on the fly, as needed. It also allows for the quick creation of single reports, reports that are needed instantly but never reused as the need is met. The reports required to meet such immediate and transitory requirements can be built in ActuateOne and be viewed in any existing environment. BIRT Studio, BIRT Interactive Viewer, BIRT Viewer, BIRT 360 (Dashboards) and BIRT Data Analyzer provide these tools.

BIRT Studio is an ad-hoc web reporting tool for business users. With BIRT Studio, users can access pre-existing report templates created by IT and populate new reports with pre-existing data sources and more. A full array of report creation and formatting tools allows BIRT Studio users to import just the information they need into a report, and then save that report, return to it later, or share it with other users.

As an accessible BIRT business-user product, BIRT Studio adds value to the BIRT product line.

  • Saves time, because re-usable templates and themes can be set up and passed between BIRT products
  • Conserves IT resources, as BIRT products facilitate self-service report creation
  • Provides user self service; lets business users create ad-hoc reports
  • Reduces reporting bottlenecks in IT and improves requirements understanding between IT and end users
  • Lowers costs by eliminating training expenditures
  • Increases ROI

BIRT Studio provides report authors and consumers with easy access to the tools they need to create the reports they want:

  • Enables report developers to create and distribute re-usable templates and themes
  • Encourages self-service report creation
  • Provides complete query and analysis functions against metadata and predefined queries
  • Features all standard aggregation and calculation functions
  • Includes data filters, charting, grouping, and hide-and-show elements
  • Displays parameter prompts, making it easier for users to refine their reports
  • Supports complete data access and preview without affecting underlying data sources

BIRT Studio gives business users with everything they need to create compelling reports on their own, without IT intervention but within IT control.

Applications built with ActuateOne provide users with one user experience regardless of task, tool or skill level; are supported by one server with a set of services to support any deployment and are built with one design using BIRT. ActuateOne provides organizations with a quick time to market and the ability to grow with success.


Actuate Corporation

Mar 29, 2012


Actuate는 Eclipse BIRT 오픈 소스 프로젝트를 설립해 공동으로 진행하고 있다.

ActuateOne 은 급속한 속도로 개발되어 배치되고 있는 BIRT 기반 맞춤형 비즈니스 인텔리전스 어플리케이션과 정보
어플리케이션을 위한 통일된 제품이다.

ActuateOne을 기반으로 만든 어플리케이션은 과제나 기술 수준과 무관하게 통일된 사용자 경험을 제공하며, 클라우드를 포함해 어떤 배치에서도 하나의 서버로 지원되고, 고용량 프린트 스트림을 포함해 어떤 형태의 데이터 소스에도 접근,
통합할 수 있는 BIRT 설계로 구성되어 있다. 또한 ActuateOne에는 인터렉티브 기능을 포함한 데이터 시각화, 대시보드,
분석 및 웹과 모바일 BIRT 어플리케이션에의 배치 옵션 등이 포함되어 있어, 기업이나 단체가 고객 만족도와 영업
성과를 향상시켜 수익을 창출할 수 있게 돕고 있다.

엑츄에이트는 금융 서비스 및 공공 부문을 포함하여 세계적으로 다양한 범위의 사업 영역에서 5,000여 고객들을
보유하고 있다. 1993년에 설립된 엑츄에이트는 캘리포니아 주 산 마테오에 본부를 두고 있으며, 전 세계에 지사를 두고 있다.
엑츄에이트는 NASDAQ에 BIRT라는 표시로 상장되어 있다.


수익 Q4 2011: $35.3 million, FY11: $135.0 million
직원수 552 Worldwide (as of December 31, 2011)
고객사 5,000
나스닥 상장명 BIRT
Location 본사 San Mateo, California
지사 Toronto, Singapore (Asia Pacific), France, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, China & the UK


1993 ACTUATE사 설립
1995 최초의 제품 ARS(Actuate Reporting System) 출시 (객체지향(OOP) 개발 환경을 제품으로 구현)
1998 기업공개 및 나스닥 상장 (IPO)
1999 DHTML 기반 완전한 웹브라우저용 리포팅 제품으로 전환
2000~2003 ACTUATE 3/4/5/6 출시
2004 ACTUATE 7 출시
이클립스 재단(Eclipse Foundation)의 BIRT 프로젝트 제안엔터프라이즈 정보 통합(EII) 구조를 BI 업계 최초로 구현
2005 ACTUATE 8 출시
2007 ACTUATE 9 출시 (BIRT 제품화)
2008 ACTUATE 10 출시 (AJAX, 플래쉬 오브젝트, JAVA 스크립트 API 등의 확장성을 대폭 보강)
2010 ACTUATE 11 출시 (BIRT의 OLAP 기능 보강 및 디자인 통합 환경을 제공)
2011 모바일, 클라우드 환경 및 SaaS 지원을 위한 Smart SaaS 및 ACTUATE
ONEACTUATE 와 메가존㈜ 한국 Distributor 계약 체결

About Actuate

Mar 27, 2012


Mar 27, 2012

Actuate solutions and applications built with BIRT are found in every industry where information is a commodity. Organizations choose BIRT because a single technology can be used to build rich information applications.

BIRT open source solutions and applications for every industry

Actuate delivers BIRT-based solutions in the areas of financial services, government, healthcare, OEM, telecommunications, and utilities. Customers use BIRT to overcome the complexities of integrating data from multiple internal and external systems through a seamless and personalized online user experience.

Actuate also enables customers to create BIRT-based applications for agent and broker portals, customer statements, human resources management, integrated performance management and sales forecasting.

Our customers speak for themselves about the benefits they receive by using Actuate: the ability to meet the needs of every user, access to the right information at the right time, true innovation, improved corporate performance and operational excellence.

Every Actuate solution is powered by a single technology: BIRT. To learn more about how other organizations and our community members are creating interactive, data-driven applications using BIRT visit our customer directory.


Mar 27, 2012

Quality Reports with e.Report from Actuate

Give even the most demanding users the information they need in the format they want.


e.Report, Actuate’s pixel-perfect report production tool, provides the most discerning users with brochure-quality, on-demand reporting documents designed for presentation. e.Report products create every business report imaginable, from annual to internal operational reports, and from banking and credit card statements to wealth management portfolio reporting documents.


Actuate e.Report scales to millions of users, providing personalized content and report functionality with an intuitive application experience.

e.Report Designer Pro

e.Report Designer Pro enables developers to quickly create report designs that access any data source, deliver information in any format and present reports in any conceivable layout, no matter how graphically complex.

The Actuate e.Report product line creates high-level, brochure-quality reports appropriate for distribution both inside and outside the firewall. These are the reporting documents you deliver when you need to represent your brand at its best to employees, investors, customers and partners, users that typically require information presented in a well-designed, pixel-perfect layout. These users also require immediate responses to their questions.

Actuate e.Report delivers high-end report documents in an environment that scales to an unlimited number of users.

Meet user needs and improve IT productivity through improved reports

With Actuate e.Report, every user receives the reports required, while IT productivity improves.

  • Deliver a fantastic application experience to users outside the firewall – Many customer interaction portals require presentation of data derived from numerous systems in the form of reports while maintaining consistent, high quality branding.
  • Generate timely information for internal controls and performance reporting – Actuate brochure-quality reports are ideal for internal reporting applications that monitor operational performance and other metrics across large, dispersed organizations.
  • Promote higher productivity among application and report developers with useful reports for all users – Actuate development tools support object-oriented reuse to speed productivity.
  • Deploy and maintain rich information applications easily and quickly – Actuate seamlessly integrates with existing applications and portals. Users do not need training to create reports, and IT experiences fewer support calls.
  • Provide flexible formatting and brochure quality reports for every user – Actuate users can select from multiple output formats such as XML, DHTML, PDF, PowerPoint, Excel and Word (RTF) when creating their personal reports, all from a single report. Brochure quality formatting is maintained between Web and printed output.
  • Produce actionable content and inform good decision making – Actuate reports are more useful than ordinary paper or web reports. Available within every report is a navigation bar that provides access to an automatically generated table of contents; search, analysis, and print and save options; and page navigation tools. Hyperlinks enable drill-to-detail, and dynamic parameter pick lists help users navigate easily through reports.

Features & Benefits

e.Report meets the demands of the most discerning users, providing them with personalized, formatted reports in any application.

  • Personalize reports for every user – Actuate e.Report creates reports that are easy to read, easy to use and easy to understand. They can be delivered as visual dashboards with the functionality to drill to detail, as brochures, or even as forms. They can appear in any format a data-driven page requires, as heat maps, mailing labels, stock feeds, or everyday reports.
  • Let users determine output format – End users are the best judges of their own requirements, and e.Report allows IT to respond to each request quickly, without having to regenerate a report to meet multiple formatting requirements. Users can choose to save full or partial reports in PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Rich Text, Excel or plain text without re-running the report.
  • Personalize the application experience for each user – Page Level Security personalizes content for every user, sending just the right pages and data to each individual on request without re-running the main report on the server.
  • Include actionable content in every report – Users receive actionable content with every e.Report. Actuate e.Report lets users determine the action to take based on a variety of possible scenarios. Users can choose from simple hyperlink drill-through, to isolating data through SmartSearch and visualizing it.
  • Scale to supply reports to millions of users, easily and predictably – e.Report has earned benchmarking honors across countless environments, from individual servers in IBM grid clusters and even Sun and SAP technology centers, and is able to accommodate vast numbers of users and report volumes on Windows, AIX and Solaris.
  • Provide page-level security – Manage report scalability with Page Level Security, a patented technology for accessing personalized report content. Page Level Security generates one document that includes security rules for each recipient and offers significant performance and maintenance advantages over report bursting techniques.

e.Report Designer Pro is used by professional application developers and skilled IT users to create brochure-quality information applications. e.Report Designer Pro supports object-oriented reuse to speed development, and provides precision control over content in order to design high resolution, brand-conscious reports for a broad audience of consumers.


Actuate e.Report sets the industry standard for delivering brand-conscious,
brochure-quality reports for the most demanding applications.


e.Report, Actuate’s pixel-perfect report production tool, provides the most discerning users with brochure-quality, on-demand reporting documents designed for presentation. e.Report products create every business report imaginable, from annual to internal operational reports, and from banking and credit card statements to wealth management portfolio reporting documents.


Mar 27, 2012

Automate Enterprise-wide Spreadsheet Reporting

Generate robust spreadsheet reports and deliver them on schedule to every user in the enterprise

Enterprise-wide Spreadsheet Reporting

With Microsoft Excel installed on virtually every computer and used for reporting by a majority of business professionals, it should come as no surprise that when business users want to view, drill into, manipulate, and chart enterprise information they choose to do this in Excel.

BIRT Spreadsheet (formerly Actuate e.Spreadsheet) automates and centralizes spreadsheet production, maintenance, archiving, and security, eliminating version discrepancies and curbing the proliferation of multiple silos of Excel® workbook data.

  • Free BIRT Spreadsheet Designer: An Excel-like authoring environment which gives report developers and Excel experts the power to automate the task of creating and updating Excel spreadsheets with the latest data. The BIRT Spreadsheet Designer is free and can be downloaded from here.
  • BIRT Spreadsheet Option: This BIRT iServer option (formerly e.Spreadsheet Option) automates and centralizes spreadsheet production, distribution, archiving and security, eliminating version discrepancies and curbing the proliferation of multiple silos of Excel spreadsheets.
  • Free BIRT Spreadsheet API: Java API which allows application developers to read and update Excel spreadsheets as well as to create new ones from scratch. The BIRT Spreadsheet API is free and can be downloaded for Windows and Unix.
  • >BIRT Spreadsheet Engine and API: The power behind BIRT Spreadsheet, the most complete and capable spreadsheet automation solution

Features and Benefits

BIRT Spreadsheet is the only product that can generate feature-rich, analysis-ready Excel spreadsheet reports that users need to make make accurate business decisions. Excel features available to report consumers include:

  • Formatting that makes use of the full range of Excel cell, row, column and sheet options
  • Live formulas, charting and macros, enabling “what if” analysis and modeling
  • Pivot tables to sort and summarize data in new ways
  • Data filtering to focus on the specific information desired
  • Hyperlinks to navigate to other Excel documents, reports or web pages
  • Form controls (such as buttons, combo and list boxes) tied to custom Visual Basic logic to allow actions such as database write-backs
  • Data-driven layouts in Excel reports that allow new spreadsheet rows, columns and worksheets to be created dynamically based on incoming data