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Eclipse BIRT:Ride the Open Source Wave of the Future

With millions of downloads worldwide, Eclipse BIRT is a leader in the open source BI field.

In 2004 Actuate Corporation founded the Eclipse BIRT Project with the cooperation of the Eclipse Foundation, and continues to co-lead what has become the most successful open-source Business Intelligence (BI) toolset in existence today. Developers using BIRT (Business Intelligence Reporting Tools) number more than 750,000, proving that BIRT is easily adopted and is, for many, the development environment of choice. Downloads today number in the millions; BIRT has become the backbone of many enterprise-level BI deployments, and is an integral component of infrastructures everywhere. As open source has continued to gain momentum and acceptance,
BIRT has pulled ahead of the pack due to its ease of use and flexibility.

BIRT, which runs on the Eclipse IDE, provides a set of reporting and data visualization tools and technologies used by developers to build rich information applications. It includes the basic tools required for reporting: the ability to design reports and to display report data. The technology underpinning these elements is complete, equipping developers with everything they need to access data sources, transform data, apply business logic to data, and, once the data has been filtered and formatted, present the results to users. Open Source BIRT includes the following functions and features:

ActuateOne®, a commercial product suite built on BIRT, provides value-added products that speed up BIRT implementation, automate and secure reporting, and provide the tools required for interactive report creation and customization.