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Provide any user with access to rich data visualizations and content within an individual perspective.


The BIRT Viewer offers the functionality of the open source, free Eclipse BIRT Sample Viewer and adds performance and usability improvements for more demanding BIRT Reports. It also handles interactive Flash®objects for faster data visualizations, presents content more quickly with progressive report viewing and temporary file management, and easily integrates security. This viewer is URL-compatible with the Eclipse BIRT Sample Viewer and can access the same reports.

The BIRT Viewer runs in the Actuate BIRT environment and can be launched from the Actuate Information Console, the Actuate iServer or Actuate BIRT Studio. This allows users in a variety of scenarios to view BIRT content from within their own perspective. Within these perspectives, users can perform all basic viewer functions:

  • Scroll a report page
  • View the table of contents
  • Navigate a multipage report
  • Export data
  • Link to a report page
  • Export content
  • Print a report
  • Use hyperlinks present in a report
  • View Flash charts and gadgets

In addition to basic functionality, the BIRT Viewer:

  • Handles Web 2.0-style reports and data visualizations
  • Presents BIRT content quickly via progressive report viewing
  • Works with all BIRT report deployment options
  • Provides security integration with single sign-on integration for applications or via repository authorization integration

Many companies find that the BIRT Viewer provides the necessary perspectives for their users or for a subset of users within their organization. For additional BIRT content viewing options, please see the other Actuate BIRT UI product options.

Features & Benefits

Web 2.0 Style Reports and Data Visualizations

BIRT Viewer comes ready to handle Flash Objects for highly interactive visualizations of data in BIRT reports, and supports:

  • Actuate BIRT Flash Objects – Actuate BIRT’s library of 100s of FlashCharts, FlashGadgets and FlashObjects provided with BIRT Designer.
  • Custom Flash objects – Complies with standard Adobe Flash™ objects.
  • Client-Side JavaScript – for Flash Objects with which a user can interact or which can interact with each other in a BIRT report.

Fast Report Viewing

BIRT Viewer includes two features that reduce report run wait time for large or complex BIRT reports, improving user experience.

  • Progressive report viewing – presents report pages as they are created, allowing initial pages to be viewed while others are still being processed.
  • Built-in temporary files/transient store management – efficiently handles temporary files preventing server, network or client performance degradation.

Applications built with ActuateOne® provide users with one user experience regardless of task, tool or skill level; are supported by one server with a set of services to support any deployment and are built with one design using BIRT. ActuateOne provides organizations with a quick time to market and the ability to grow with success.


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