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Actuate provides multiple mobile options for deployment based on project size, requirements and budget.


These options can be used with all BIRT (both open source and commercial) options, providing easy interoperability and upgrades as the business grows and requirements change. The apps below can display any content deployed on the BIRT iServer and with Actuate’s new Platform as a Service (SaaS) offering, BIRT onDemand.

BIRT Mobile Viewer for iPhone®and iPod®; BIRT Mobile HD for iPad® and BIRT Mobile for AndroidTM: Designed-from-the-ground-up applications that effortlessly deliver personalized, real BIRT report content to all authorized users.

BIRT onDemand: Actuate’s smart SaaS solution provides mobile users with rich BIRT content wherever they are, whenever they need it.

Features & Benefits

Actuate BIRT Mobile options extend the reach of BI implementations and are available for a variety of devices.
BIRT Mobile Viewer for iPhone®, iPod®, iPad® and AndroidTM are fully functional, native apps that can be used with mobile devices.

  • Give users a native application that runs on iPhone or iPod
  • Give users a native application that runs on iPad
  • Give users a native Android application that runs on Android mobile devices
  • Securely access any BIRT content
  • Leverage orientation awareness to auto-rotate views when appropriate
  • Store multiple connection profiles (connect to BIRT onDemand and an Enterprise iServer without re-entering username and password)
  • Share BIRT reports via e-mail
  • Print any BIRT report from iPad or iPhone using Air PrintTM (requires Air Print-compatible printer)

Anyone with an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android device and BIRT access can immediately view BIRT content in a familiar, easy-to-navigate format.

The new mobile app provides the following features, allowing organizations to:

  • Deliver rich, data-driven BIRT content directly into the hands of users, regardless of where they are
  • Provide device-centric features such as orientation awareness, touch navigation, email and phone dialing
  • Offer mobile information delivery solutions that are available for download on the iTunes App Store (for iPhone and iPod Touch, and iPad) or the Android Market (for Android)
  • Securely deliver in-office information to mobile workers with minimal (or no) IT effort
  • Integrate seamlessly with the Actuate BIRT Suite running on Actuate 11SP2
  • Provide the next logical step in any current BI rollout plan

For additional device-specific features, please see the Mobile Viewers product datasheet.

Organizations adopting BIRT Mobileenjoy the following business benefits:

  • Generate immediate ROI, giving business users what they need, when, where, and how they want it
  • Device-independent information access and viewing on multiple handheld devices, extending the value of those mobile devices
  • Extended rich information application experience that stretches beyond the confines of an office or Internet connection, making critical information available at the right moment
  • Seamless conversion of corporate information for use on mobile devices, providing the convenience of an instant-on mobile platform that minimizes or eliminates the need to carry and boot up a laptop

For additional device-specific benefits, please see the Mobile Viewers product datasheet.



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