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BIRT Designer Pro is a modern, 100-percent Java reporting product. This report development tool is easy to use, supports extensive customization, and is used to create reusable report components, interactive web reports and dashboards.

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BIRT Designer Pro provides the tools IT and developers need to create templates and reports that can be accessed within the Actuate framework and used by both business and end users.

Web 2.0 Visualization

  • Creates rich, Web 2.0-style reports and data visualizations
  • Includes a complete library of more than 250 embeddable BIRT Flash Objects


  • Follows a web-based design metaphor
  • Gives users wizards, editors and builders for easy report creation

Data Access

  • Offers extensible and flexible data access and handling
  • Provides BIRT Page Level Security – The only effective way to manage report scalability is through BIRT Page Level Security, a patented technology for accessing personalized report content without burdening the system with excess documents, queries or IT interference. BIRT Page Level Security generates a single-server document that includes security rules for each recipient and offers significant performance, security and maintenance advantages over report bursting techniques
    • Executes one query executed against original sources
    • Uses one server-side report document, constructed and indexed according to user permissions
    • Sends every user a personalized report that includes only their permitted pages
    • Lets every user select a preferred file format (Web, PDF, Word, and PowerPoint)

Extensible Reuse and programmability

  • Features a component-based model for reuse across products, reports and dashboards
  • Uses standards-based programmability

BIRT Designer includes powerful developer tools:

  • The BIRT open source runtime report engine encourages self-service report creation
  • A robust charting engine features all standard aggregation and calculation functions
  • JDBC drivers for commercial databases such as Oracle and DB2 Displays parameter prompts, making it easier for users to refine their reports
  • Connectors to BIRT iServer features
  • A massive library of BIRT Flash Object supports complete data access and preview without affecting underlying data sources
  • A built-in BIRT Information Object Builder is a BIRT perspective and complete Java and JavaScript development environment, creating the most versatile information application toolkit available to Java developers

BIRT Information Object Builder

The Information Object Builder included in BIRT Designer Pro is a visual development tool used to create metadata objects that represent controlled, business user-appropriate views of data for inclusion in BIRT reports. BIRT Information Object Builder creates metadata objects that pull in and integrate real-time data from multiple heterogeneous data sources.

  • Facilitates end user adoption by offering a metadata layer
  • Enables data integration from disparate data sources
  • Provides a uniform way to access data across the entire Actuate platform
  • Simplifies application development by isolating the complex query design operation from report layout operation
  • Allows component reuse, letting users create components to be included in the BIRT report libraries for use in multiple reports

Visual development environment

BIRT Information Designer is a highly graphical, visual development environment in which users create Information Objects that specify data sources, calculated fields, and metadata names for fields and columns. BIRT Information Designer:

  • Supports explicit query definitions: allows pre-setting specific queries and explicitly specifying how queries should execute and return results
  • Provides role-based access control: controls information access based on user role and access privileges. Filters and conditions can be applied to allow personalized views of data for each user


The latest release of Actuate BIRT Designer Pro introduces numerous new features and updates, ranging from design environment improvements to more agile data access to additional/enhanced output formats and more:


  • Enhanced layout: true WYSIWYG design environment
  • New dynamic parameters
  • Excel-like EasyScript scripting language
  • Consistent style sheet support across all report output formats
  • Support for the use of diagonal lines in layouts

Data Access

  • Automatic query optimization
  • BIRT Data Objects as data sources
  • New ODA driver for POJO (Plain Old Java Objects)
  • New data set functions with improved support for unions and joins
  • Support parameters in XML data sources


  • Enhanced Excel® emitter for analysis-ready Excel output
  • Flash content display in PDF output
  • High-quality PDF output
  • New XHTML emitter
  • New Polar/Radar chart


  • Support for scripting in Flash Charts and Gadgets
  • Page level variables
  • Support for JavaScript in parameter default values
  • New duration functions


These updates and enhancements provide users with measurable development and business benefits in every step of the design process:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved report development efficiency
  • Significant savings through lower development and maintenance costs
  • Consistent layout regardless of how a report is viewed, whether it’s on the Web or as a PDF
  • Closer alignment between user needs and output, eliminating multiple design revisions/iterations

Applications built with ActuateOne® provide users with one user experience regardless of task, tool or skill level; are supported by one server with a set of services to support any deployment and are built with one designer using BIRT. ActuateOne provides organizations with a quick time to market and the ability to grow with success.


BIRT is at the core of Actuate BIRT interactive web reports and dashboard tools combining web 2.0 functionality with open source technology. BIRT provides the foundation for Actuate’s Progressive Design Architecture.