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BIRT iServer

Scalable and available to millions of users.



oday’s applications require that massive volumes of business information be simultaneously delivered rapidly and reliably to hundreds of thousands or even millions of users. BIRT iServer meets this need with:

  • Unparalleled scalability – serves a virtually unlimited number of users
  • High availability for 24×7 operation – provides full-time operation with easy maintenance and management
  • Automatic clustering, job control and load balancing – optimizes system resources
  • Easy report distribution – generates content for large populations without creating extra system administration or software upgrade costs
  • Express content – delivers completed pages as the report is being generated
  • Page-on-demand for direct-to-page navigation and viewing – ensures that end users get the mission-critical information they need the instant they need it

Out of the box, BIRT iServer includes the following functionality:

  • Schedules, runs, presents, delivers and stores reports for sharing with other users
  • Controls user- and role-based access to content
  • Provides integrated or stand-alone access to content creation applications and services
  • Includes data drivers for popular data source types and tools to develop access to custom data sources


Features & Benefits

BIRT iServer includes the following system features:


  • Serves as the framework to support the included BIRT Information Objects metadata layer, which provides virtual metadata views of corporate information presented in business-friendly terms to Actuate BIRT products, and caching for on-the-fly data integration at no additional charge
  • Hosts end user options such as presentation of Actuate BIRT Reports and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets generated by BIRT Spreadsheet, ad hoc web reports authoring within BIRT Studio, report customization with BIRT Interactive Viewer, BIRT Data Analyzer, BIRT 360 and e.Reports
  • Provides internationalization of UI and report content, accommodating other languages, cultural contexts, data conventions and time zones.

These functions are accessible via the BIRT iServer web interface for end users and via its Web Services API for administrators.

Integrated with web, enterprise and e-business environments

BIRT iServer features the industry’s most open, standards-based architecture for integration with all web services, enterprise applications, back end data sources and e-business applications and platforms.

  • Provides native 64-bit in-memory data analysis
  • Fully compatible/configurable with Cloud and PaaS and SaaS implementations (BIRT onDemand)
  • Allows for organizations to phase-in services based on project size/needs
  • Support for 3rd party RDBMS for encyclopedia metadata
  • Front end – BIRT Information Console easily, seamlessly integrates BIRT content with the look and feel of any website, embedding frameless Actuate Reportlets™ and BIRT Flash Objects within any unstructured web page
  • Back end – supports live data access from any source, across any corporate infrastructure and firewall environment
  • BIRT Information Integration option – directly and concurrently accesses multiple, heterogeneous data sources and transforms that data into meaningful business information in real time
  • URL-based architecture, SOAP-based Web Services API – provides integration with both J2EE and Microsoft .NET environments and support for open web standards, allowing any BIRT iServer functionality to be embedded into even the most complex enterprise environment rapidly and smoothly

Applications built with ActuateOne® provide users with one user experience regardless of task, tool or skill level; are supported by one server with a set of services to support any deployment and are built with one design using BIRT. ActuateOne provides organizations with a quick time to market and the ability to grow with success.