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Actuate solutions and applications built with BIRT are found in every industry where information is a commodity. Organizations choose BIRT because a single technology can be used to build rich information applications.

BIRT open source solutions and applications for every industry

Actuate delivers BIRT-based solutions in the areas of financial services, government, healthcare, OEM, telecommunications, and utilities. Customers use BIRT to overcome the complexities of integrating data from multiple internal and external systems through a seamless and personalized online user experience.

Actuate also enables customers to create BIRT-based applications for agent and broker portals, customer statements, human resources management, integrated performance management and sales forecasting.

Our customers speak for themselves about the benefits they receive by using Actuate: the ability to meet the needs of every user, access to the right information at the right time, true innovation, improved corporate performance and operational excellence.

Every Actuate solution is powered by a single technology: BIRT. To learn more about how other organizations and our community members are creating interactive, data-driven applications using BIRT visit our customer directory.