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Ad-Hoc Reporting: BIRT Studio

   Provide every user in the enterprise with BI tools for ad-hoc reporting as well as creating, modifying and viewing BIRT content.

   Ad-hoc reporting and content creation is a requirement that many organizations find out of reach within their current reporting environment.
    Most reports must go through the lengthy process of request-build-test-deploy-modify-test-deploy—and often have to repeat the entire process one or more times before an end user finally receives the template necessary to build the report they need.

ActuateOne®, the latest release of Actuate’s BIRT platform and tools, provides this environment with its Progressive Design Architecture, which allows users to not only populate their own reports but to create, modify and deploy those reports on the fly, as needed. It also allows for the quick creation of single reports, reports that are needed instantly but never reused as the need is met. The reports required to meet such immediate and transitory requirements can be built in ActuateOne and be viewed in any existing environment. BIRT Studio, BIRT Interactive Viewer, BIRT Viewer, BIRT 360 (Dashboards) and BIRT Data Analyzer provide these tools.

BIRT Studio is an ad-hoc web reporting tool for business users. With BIRT Studio, users can access pre-existing report templates created by IT and populate new reports with pre-existing data sources and more. A full array of report creation and formatting tools allows BIRT Studio users to import just the information they need into a report, and then save that report, return to it later, or share it with other users.

As an accessible BIRT business-user product, BIRT Studio adds value to the BIRT product line.

  • Saves time, because re-usable templates and themes can be set up and passed between BIRT products
  • Conserves IT resources, as BIRT products facilitate self-service report creation
  • Provides user self service; lets business users create ad-hoc reports
  • Reduces reporting bottlenecks in IT and improves requirements understanding between IT and end users
  • Lowers costs by eliminating training expenditures
  • Increases ROI

BIRT Studio provides report authors and consumers with easy access to the tools they need to create the reports they want:

  • Enables report developers to create and distribute re-usable templates and themes
  • Encourages self-service report creation
  • Provides complete query and analysis functions against metadata and predefined queries
  • Features all standard aggregation and calculation functions
  • Includes data filters, charting, grouping, and hide-and-show elements
  • Displays parameter prompts, making it easier for users to refine their reports
  • Supports complete data access and preview without affecting underlying data sources

BIRT Studio gives business users with everything they need to create compelling reports on their own, without IT intervention but within IT control.

Applications built with ActuateOne provide users with one user experience regardless of task, tool or skill level; are supported by one server with a set of services to support any deployment and are built with one design using BIRT. ActuateOne provides organizations with a quick time to market and the ability to grow with success.