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BIRT Data Objects and BIRT Data Analyzer

Actuate 11 introduces new BIRT analytics tools that dramatically
simplify data analysis, providing business users with tools to help them make better decisions. BIRT Data Analyzer helps business users uncover trends, identify anomalies and model scenarios, including “what if” scenarios, for business forecasting and improved understanding of their data.
This new, in-memory online analytical processing (OLAP) analytics product line is the result of enhancements to the core BIRT engine, which supports the entire spectrum of rich data visualizations, interactivity and analysis. BIRT technology architecture provides multiple ways to embed and contextually deliver information to users to address their analytics needs while promoting efficiency and productivity through reuse.

The new BIRT analytics line includes the following intuitive data analysis tools: BIRT Data Objects, BIRT Data Analyzer and BIRT 360 (dashboards).


BIRT-Based Analytic Tools: BIRT Data Objects

BIRT Data Objects are in-memory datasets constructed from disparate enterprise data sources. These datasets can be used by BIRT Designer or Actuate BIRT business user tools such as BIRT Studio, BIRT 360 or BIRT Data Analyzer for a variety of self-service functions ranging from ad-hoc report creation to ad-hoc data analysis.

  • Agile data access – Data can be tapped and combined from multiple, disparate data sources.
  • Flexible modeling – Data can be modeled as one or more flat datasets or multi-dimensional structures.
  • Granular data security – Support for many levels of security.
  • In-memory data federation – In-memory datasets belonging to one or more BIRT Data Objects can be linked to enable in-memory data federation.
  • Operational data linking – In-memory datasets in a BIRT Data Object can be further linked to additional Actuate and non-Actuate content.

BIRT Data Objects are available to products across the entire Actuate BIRT platform, including access for on-demand or parameterized reports, ad-hoc queries, dashboards, interactive viewing and the new BIRT-based analytic tools.

BIRT-Based Analytic Tools: BIRT Data Analyzer

BIRT Data Analyzer is a zero footprint, browser-based OLAP tool created for business users. The product’s highly intuitive analysis interface, combined with the scalable reach of BIRT technology, make it possible for organizations to deploy analysis capability to users at all levels in the organization.

This tool allows users with varying skill levels to:

  • Describe data in multiple dimensions
  • Categorize information
  • Quickly, easily and interactively analyze data in BIRT Data Objects
  • Create comparative analysis reports with multiple dimensions
  • Identify trends in data by reviewing information as a chart or other visualization
  • Spot anomalies in data visually, by looking for measures that dip, etc.
  • Perform root cause analysis using the ability to link analytic data to operational data

BIRT Data Analyzer adds true analytics features to BIRT, giving business users multiple ways to view their business information:

  • Makes analytics accessible
    • UI designed specifically for business users
    • Zero training required
    • Interface makes it easy to model new analysis-ready datasets
  • Allows multiple usage scenarios
    • Analyze datasets available in the encyclopedia
    • Analyze datasets embedded in BIRT documents
  • Produces results that can be shared
    • Operationalize analysis results by sharing BIRT Data Objects with other users
    • Link analyses to operational data
  • Optimizes performance
    • Support for both 32-bit and 64-bit modes
    • Reuse datasets across many users and applications
  • Provides users with agile data access
    • Build datasets from multiple enterprise data sources
    • Drill through to new operational datasets
    • Drill through to new in-memory datasets across machines
    • Drill through to new in-memory datasets across cloud implementations

BIRT-Based Analytic Tools: BIRT 360 Dashboards

Another way for users to access the data analysis capabilities of the BIRT platform is with the new BIRT 360 product. BIRT 360 is a tool used to create dashboards that are visual data exploration applications. After combining a set of filter and slicer gadgets with a set of KPIs built using rich visualizations, users are invited to visually explore and drill-down on the data to gain analytic insights. For more information about BIRT 360 dashboards, visit the BIRT 360 web page.

Applications built with ActuateOne® provide users with one user experience regardless of task, tool or skill level; are supported by one server with a set of services to support any deployment and are built with one design using BIRT. ActuateOne provides organizations with a quick time to market and the ability to grow with success.

Features and Benefits: BIRT Data Objects

BIRT Data Objects key features

  • Agile data access, regardless of data source
  • Intuitive UI makes analytics accessible to broader range of users
  • Additional linking capabilities provide more opportunities to compare/analyze data from disparate sources and across different environments
  • Cloud ready and cloud friendly

BIRT Data Objects key benefits

  • Flexible – BIRT Data Objects can be constructed with or without the presence of a data warehouse and with or without the use of the metadata layer.
  • Accessible – users can drill down to details or drill through to other objects stored on the same or a different machine, or go directly to physical data stores and access additional data as needed.
  • Versatile – the ability to join in-memory data across machines is a significant advantage, especially in cloud computing environments.
  • Economical – BIRT Data Objects minimize the amount of data creation, movement and storage required by systems that cannot otherwise provide the capacity and functionality required to handle these activities.

Features and Benefits: BIRT Data Analyzer

BIRT Data Analyzer key features:

BIRT Data Analyzer provides organizations with high-level analytics capabilities in a UI created for business users. Designed for ease of use, BIRT Data Analyzer makes business information available to new analytics users, increasing the value of the product while decreasing the costs associated with most analytics implementations. BIRT Data Analyzer features include:

  • Zero footprint, browser-based UI in all standard browsers; now compatible with Safari®
  • Pivot table-style intuitive interface

The BIRT Data Analyzer was designed to make analytics accessible to anyone:

  • Drag and drop measures and dimensions
  • Create calculated measures
  • Display filters
  • Export to Excel® as Pivot tables
  • Save and share analysis results
  • Drill up and drill down to dimension levels
  • Link to other Actuate and non-Actuate content
  • Automate aggregation
  • Change the look and feel with support for themes

BIRT Data Analyzer key benefits:

BIRT Data Analyzer provides users with tools they can use to access analytic features often available only in products that are difficult to learn and use. The BIRT Data Analyzer:

  • Makes data accessible to users with varying skill levels
  • Facilitates ad-hoc analytics
  • Aids contextual analytics

BIRT 360 key features and benefits:

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