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Dashboards: BIRT 360


BIRT 360 provides users with the tools they need to create operational and analytical dashboards.

ActuateOne® adds a new product to its lineup with BIRT 360, a dashboard application that puts the power to create dashboards in the hands of users, freeing up IT time and resources. BIRT 360 is a browser-based, zero foot print application based on the popular Google Gadget framework that enables BIRT 360 to not only leverage BIRT-based gadgets, but also 3rd party Google Gadgets to create mashup applications.

BIRT 360 provides users with two types of dashboards:

  • Operational dashboards: Business users can interact with or drill down on individual KPIs to answer specific business questions. The dashboards interface is designed for business users to allow them to create custom dashboard pages without IT intervention and continuously monitor KPIs for faster response to changing data.
  • Analytic dashboards: BIRT 360 Analytic dashboards are visual data exploration applications. Combining a set of filter and slicer gadgets with a set of KPIs built using rich visualizations, users are prompted to explore and drill down into data to gain insights into their business. BIRT 360 makes it easy for business users to uncover trends and perform root cause analysis.

Both types of dashboards enable any user to create visually rich, dynamic dashboards on the fly:

  • Dashboards show a list of connectors, etc., making them easy to use for less-skilled users
  • Visual representations of corporate data
  • Drill-down/up analysis capabilities
  • Crosstab support
  • Pre-built or
  • User constructed using BIRT Flash Objects, Google gadgets, third-party gadgets, and feeds from other data sources
  • Mashup applications are created by combining BIRT-based gadgets with third party Google Gadgets such as Google Maps

BIRT 360 is designed to be used with BIRT iServer. It effortlessly delivers personalized BIRT dashboard content to all authorized users.

Applications built with ActuateOne provide users with one user experience regardless of task, tool or skill level; are supported by one server with a set of services to support any deployment and are built with one design using BIRT. ActuateOne provides organizations with a quick time to market and the ability to grow with success.

Features and Benefits

BIRT 360

Actuate BIRT 360 operational dashboards enable users to consolidate KPIs on a single page for continuous and effective monitoring

  • Lets end users interact with or use drill-down capabilities on individual KPIs to answer questions.
  • Provides true self-service environment for creating custom dashboard pages; KPI linker automatically establishes communications between related KPIs on a single dashboard page using drag-and-drop construction.
  • Allows users to choose any KPI from an existing BIRT Gadget Gallery, existing BIRT documents, new KPIs constructed using BIRT 360 or any third-party or Google gadget.
  • Creates a collaborative environment; users can share dashboards with other users.

These features allow operational dashboard users to:

  • Continuously monitor KPIs
  • Visualize and analyze their business operations, with a 360-degree view of their business
  • Create mashboard applications, assembling applications from Actuate BIRT content, Google Maps, etc. This information can be linked within the dashboard for additional insight into the data

Actuate BIRT 360 analytical dashboards enable users to:

  • Create their own KPIs with automatic linking from data objects
  • Visually explore data in a guided environment conducive to easy adoption
  • Perform comparative and root cause analyses
  • Create dashboards that help them spot trends and anomalies

Benefits: operational and analytic dashboards
Actuate BIRT 360 provides users with gadgets and a Gadget Gallery that meet user expectations for rich information applications inside and outside the firewall:

  • Presentation: Functional, attention-getting gadgets allow users to immediately understand what the data mean
  • Ease of use: True drag-and-drop functionality and easy data association make the interface user friendly and user usable
  • Interactivity: Many gadgets actually allow users to physically manipulate buttons, gauges, etc. to easily create and view what-if scenarios; linked items reflect those changes immediately
  • Functionality: Easy and interactive UI make gadgets not only popular—it provides instant adoption
  • Selection: BIRT Designer ships with more than 250 gadgets; in addition, users can browse out of the application and import virtually any third-party Google gadget